The economy


Poor Mexico, they were so conservative with their finances since the last great inflation. Their economy was stable, and growing. Then the US had to flush itself down the toilet.

Then they had to get hit by pestilence.

But while the stock exchange continues to drops, it is the working poor and lower middle class that are going to pay for this

current crisis. In this piece of audio a taxi drivers tells how the swine flu is effecting his work.


One response to “The economy

  1. Interesting the amount of US vs. Mexico talk I see, online and in our town here in Guanajuato. It’s as if the US sank it’s own economy and then somehow introduced this influenza outbreak into Mexico just to mess things up down here.
    I fully inderstand the Mexican love with conspiracy, but it is also a culture full of people who will not take respnsiblity for their own actions. Perhaps blaming s not the best corse of action right now.

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